This adventures start right behind the house

Fly Fishing

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Play a game at the sdfsdfsdf right round the corner from The River Lodge


One day, an hour, an afternoon in a kayak? We can organize that! Some are behind the house to be used right now, and to organize a trip on the Whanganui River, give us a few minutes.

Experiences max. 50 Minutes away

Hiking (Tongariro Alpine Crossing)

Enjoy the 19.6km walk between volcanos, lakes and great view to the dessert...

Biking (Old Coach Road)

Lets organize a good bike and a lift to Horopito and then lets ride the 16km back to Ohakune. Ok, not enough? Then ask Dani for a extended ride. He knows lots of mountain bike and road bike tours and if you want, he shows you them too. ;-) 

River Cruising (Bridge to Nowhere)

If the weather is good or average, a secret tipp is the River Cruise at the Whanganui River. enjoy a boatrip and one hour walk to the bridge to nowhere.